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Our work cuts down employee turnover, slashes absenteeism

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Your company should experience 4-7% net earnings increases within 2 years of engaging our services.

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About The Center For Employee High Performance

We Are The Only Employee Engagement Firm Dedicated To Helping You And Your Employees

We are the original and only employee engagement firm for small businesses with the fastest ramp up times, easiest to work with, verifiable net earnings increases, and we have a performance guarantee.

Cuts Down Employee Turnover
Slashes Absenteeism
Reduce Theft
Reduce Vandalism & Injuries
Raises Morale
Crush Competition
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Our clients are experiencing four-to-seven percent higher net returns from our work. We increase employee tenure, slash absenteeism, and raise productivity. No brokerage, bank, or agent can make this claim.

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Our Founder

R. Allen Vaughan, AIFA®, ARPC™

Executive Director and Founder, The Center for Employee High Performance, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia

Innovator. Strategist. Leader.

Since 1984, Allen Vaughan has been committed to the operating concept of helping employers and employees achieve a mutually-beneficial linkage of employee happiness in their work to that of greater employer earnings.

The Center for Employee High Performance

The Center for Employee High Performance, which I founded in 2004 is a research and development institution, pooling our study results along with that of other university-based researchers and psychologists, utilizing the latest technologies from other fields in helping employees to be more engaged and productive, and their employers to be more profitable.

Over half of all employees think about their poor financial situation 3 ½ hours or more during each workday. This is 3 ½ hours per day where they are not completely focused on their work -The Center For Employee High Performance

Our Mission

The Center for Employee High Performance specializes in addressing the detrimental impact of financial stress in the workplace. We understand that financial stress is a widespread issue that not only affects the personal well-being of employees but also hampers business performance. We offer unique solutions that alleviate this burden, improving employee focus, reducing absenteeism, and mitigating the underlying causes of on-the-job accidents. Our mission is to empower organizations and their employees to overcome financial stress, fostering a healthier and more productive work environment while positively impacting the company’s bottom line.


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We Are The Only Employee Engagement Firm Dedicated To Helping You And Your Employees